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Root Cause Analysis

Unscheduled shutdowns are a major hassle and can significantly impact your operations, preventing you from delivering on your commitments. Shutdowns also pose potential safety risks. At HOERBIGER, we can help you safely get your compressors up and running again more quickly – and with high-quality components that will take your machines and fleet performance to the next level with improvements in both reliability and emissions reduction! Our service expertise includes a proper root cause analysis, where we help you identify the reason behind the unscheduled shutdown, eliminate it, upgrade the performance of your machine and increase reliability and emissions reduction sustainably.

Customer Experience

Adding value in failure analysis

“HOERBIGER experts are professional and knowledgeable in their subject field. Discussion and working with HOERBIGER technical expert always add value in problem solving and failure analysis.”

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HPP – Cylinder Rings Design Assessment and High Performance Pistons
New piston configuration method boosts capacity and dramatically improves the service life of recips.
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BCD – Emissions Elimination Packing Ring
Improve sealing efficiency, reduce leakage and reach your CO2 emissions goals with the help of our innovative Packing Rings Balanced Cap Design.
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Excite Materials
Specifically developed for the toughest conditions in key areas of your compressor.
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PRR – Piston Rod Repair
Service you can count on! Our technicians pay special attention to the repair of the piston rod assembly.
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HPR – Packing Case Repair
Packing Case Repair: Recondition and leak-proof your packing to prevent unwanted downtime and fugitive emissions.
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