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How do you keep your recip compressors performing at their peak? At HOERBIGER, we understand your need to maximize performance and increase reliability. Our rings and packings products are designed with your specific applications in mind, and made to improve the meantime between failure while also decreasing lost production output. But we don't stop there. Not only do we service your parts faster than conventional service companies, we also perform failure and root cause analyses to prevent the same problem from happening again.

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Improve lifetime

“Upgrade the existing packing rings to BCD design and packing runtime is now 16,000 hours.”

Industrial gas producer, Singapore

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HPP – Cylinder Rings Design Assessment and High Performance Pistons
New piston configuration method boosts capacity and dramatically improves the service life of recips.
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BCD – Emissions Elimination Packing Ring
Improve sealing efficiency, reduce leakage and reach your CO2 emissions goals with the help of our innovative Packing Rings Balanced Cap Design.
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Excite Materials
Specifically developed for the toughest conditions in key areas of your compressor.
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PRR – Piston Rod Repair
Service you can count on! Our technicians pay special attention to the repair of the piston rod assembly.
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HPR – Packing Case Repair
Packing Case Repair: Recondition and leak-proof your packing to prevent unwanted downtime and fugitive emissions.
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