Various raw materials of the Excite Materials

Excite Materials

Specifically developed for the toughest conditions in key areas of your compressor

Anyone looking for maximum performance needs Excite Materials. Rings and packings made from Excite materials are a crucial factor for maximum equipment uptime. This is why HOERBIGER is an innovation partner for innovative companies.

The Excite Materials are formulated to perform in the highest range of operating conditions of all families of compressed gases in the most demanding environment.
Material selection is made by most experienced engineers to ensure perfect fit to application for longest lifetime and best performance.
Excite Materials are offered acc. standard HOERBIGER sizes.
Piston Rings and Packings made from these materials come with proven HOERBIGER quality and therefore guarantee trouble free compressor operation in most difficult operating conditions.
Full process control from powder to finished part, insures consistent quality.
Excite Materials have proven to outperform competitor grades in terms of wear rate and lifetime.

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Granulat von Highest performance materials
Employee checks packing and piston rod
Excite Materials at a glance:
  • Excite Materials were developed for highly complex applications under the most challenging conditions.
  • Material selection by most experienced engineers to ensure perfect fit to application for longest lifetime and best performance.
  • Excite Materials meet the highest quality standard .
  • Excite Materials are suitable for all compressor types and applications.
Technical data

Advanced materials research and development: Our years of experience allow us to offer compressor users the most extensive material selection available today.

Excite Materials show exceptional resistance to high pressures and temperatures, chemical reaction, corrosion and stress-cracking. The mechanical toughness and low-friction properties make them ideal for compressor sealing components. Unique filler compositions improve strength, durability, thermal and physical properties. HOERBIGER offers total quality control from powder to product support.

Application engineeering and design

  • Design solutions for chemically inert to reactive gases, cryogenic to hightemperature
  • Material selection
  • Packing system design

Product evaluation and testing

  • Fully-instrumented high-speed (1400 rpm), high pressure test compressor
  • Specially developed tribological test stands for continuous quality control

Product and field support

  • Solution design & material selection
  • Product upgrades
  • Field support and problem-solving
  • Conversion from lube to non-lube
  • Tailored training classes
Application development and design on the computer
Product evaluation and testing on the test bench
On-site product support and customer care
Overview of the individual Excite Materials

HY101 is a high performance filled PTFE alloy.

Suitable applications: Air, Industrial gases, Natural gas, Refinery, Olefins, Chemicals, Refrigeration


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