The HOERBIGER Foundation

The HOERBIGER Foundation, with a share of 75 percent the majority owner of HOERBIGER Holding AG, preserves the more than 125-year-old entrepreneurial heritage and guarantees stability, independence, and a future-oriented strategy. The remaining 25 percent of the shares in the company are held by our family shareholder Christiana Hörbiger via an investment structure. The majority of the corporate profit generated by the Group is left in the Group by the foundation. HOERBIGER can therefore invest the profit almost entirely in further growth.

HOERBIGER Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

The Foundation Board is composed of the family shareholder as well as active and/or former members of the Board of Directors and independent consultants associated with the Group through many years of cooperation. The Foundation Board is committed only to the purpose of the Foundation and the interests of the HOERBIGER Group.

Board of Trustees
From left to right: Albin Hahn, Member of the Board of Trustees, Dr. Martin Komischke, Vice President of of the Board of Trustees, Christiana Hörbiger, Vice President of of the Board of Trustees, Dr. Andreas Hünerwadel, President of the Board of Trustees, Dr. Rudolf Huber, Member of the Board of Trustees.

Foundation purpose

The foundation's mission comprises four pillars:

  1. Independence - ensures the preservation and expansion of the HOERBIGER companies.
  2. Long-term orientation - enables the Group management to act with a long-term focus.
  3. Growth through innovation - supports research in the Group companies.
  4. Responsibility towards employees - promotes the professional development of employees.
Ansicht des Forums
Christiana Hörbiger Forum in Vienna

The global success story of HOERBIGER began in Vienna. The Vienna-Aspern location, which opened in 2016, is therefore home to the Forum at its center: It is the first point of contact for business partners, employees, and guests and connects all functional areas of the building complex like a hub. Here, the HOERBIGER Group presents its portfolio of services on an area of around 600 square meters and deals with its past, present, and future. Three years after its opening, the Forum was dedicated to our family shareholder on her 80th birthday. Since then, it has been called the Christiana Hörbiger Forum. It was financed by the HOERBIGER Foundation.