Taman Negara National Park in Malaysia

eHydroCOM in Malaysia

July, 2023

Less gas flared and energy costs saved – every day

The Taman Negara National Park in Malaysia, with its 130 million-year-old tropical jungle, is home to the oldest forested area on Earth. I would really love to know what these ancient trees would have to say to us. My study colleague Andy has been living in Singapore for many years and frequently travels to Malaysia for work. He has also been to Taman Negara Park once and was fascinated by the impressive landscape.

I am particularly impressed by a project that Andy is currently working on. With the support of HOERBIGER, this project will be a great contribution to the customer's overall goal of saving 35 million tons of CO2 emissions per year.

The utilization of the compressor in his facility varies greatly because different amounts of natural gas are compressed depending on the process. When the excess gas is returned to the suction side of the compressor using a bypass solution, energy is lost, and that costs the customer real money. Additionally, some components in the compressor break down due to the temperature rise at low loads, which negatively affects the reliability of the system. The compressor couldn’t operate, and the gas was flared.

And that’s where HOERBIGER came into play: With our Electric Stepless Capacity Control System, eHydroCOM, the delivery volume of the compressor is continuously and smoothly adjusted to the amount required by the production, without the need to recirculate excess gas through a bypass. This not only increases efficiency, and thus reduces energy costs, but also lowers scope 2 emissions (indirect emissions from purchased energy*) for imported electricity and scope 1 emissiones (direct emissions*) due to the avoidance of flaring gas events.

By using this technology, Andy’s customer can more easily achieve the goals of their company-wide initiative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. And the Taman Negara National Park can breathe a sigh of relief once again.

*according to GHG Protocol Corporate Standard

eHydroCOM installed
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