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Climate change’s impact can already be seen across the globe. To mitigate these effects, we help our oil and gas industry customers lower emissions and meet stricter environmental standards, while also lowering operational costs and maximizing compressor efficiency. Working together, we can meet your emissions goals and create a cleaner, more sustainable industry. Not only for today, but for a better tomorrow. Learn more below about how HOERBIGER can support your efforts to decrease emissions.

Thanks to HOERBIGER’s wide range of products and services, we are able to reduce the impact of climate change while increasing the performance of our compressors and saving energy.

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Fugitive emissions
Fugitive emissions

Intentional or unintentional gas release to the atmosphere during energy production also adds to our climate change challenges. For example, scientific research has shown the importance of preventing methane leakages, because methane is a major contributor to our global warming problem. It’s 80 times more powerful than CO2 at trapping heat in the Earth’s atmosphere and does so for 20 years after its release. It’s also responsible for approximately 25% of our present global warming situation, according to scientists. Better sealing of gas equipment and wells can prevent methane gas escape – and HOERBIGER offers new, innovative solutions that prevent emissions outflow. For this reason, we have introduced our Cutting-Edge Zero Emissions products and services. These are our latest products that specifically target fugitive emissions. We have the know how, technology, and products and services to fight fugitive emissions, help improve your operations, and fight global warming today.

Cutting-Edge Zero Emissions Offerings

BCD – Emissions Elimination Packing Ring
Improve sealing efficiency, reduce leakage and reach your CO2 emissions goals with the help of our innovative Packing Rings Balanced Cap Design.
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ECP – Emissions Control Panels
With our panels you keep fugitive emissions under control, protect operators and safeguard the environment.
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HPR – Packing Case Repair
Packing Case Repair: Recondition and leak-proof your packing to prevent unwanted downtime and fugitive emissions.
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Energy emissions
Energy emissions

During energy production, large amounts of CO2 are produced as waste by-products. And the inefficiency of typical mechanical equipment, like reciprocating compressors, adds to this problem by producing additional unnecessary CO2 emissions. By increasing your compressors’ efficiency, you can directly reduce energy-related emissions and save money. HOERBIGER has the know how, technology, and products and services to help improve your operations, decrease emissions and increase your competitiveness, while fighting global warming at the same time.

Products to prevent energy emissions

eHydroCOM – Electric Stepless Capacity Control System
Improve your energy efficiency and savings with this truly Electric Stepless Capacity Control System from HOERBIGER.
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XP, CP, CPs – Profiled Plate Valves
Decrease fuel consumption and CO2 emissions while improving efficiency with HOEBRIGER’s Profiled Plate Valves. Ideal for process and natural gas applications.
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Emissions solutions from around the world

Read our stories from around the world to learn more about what we do to exceed our industry’s emissions goals. For a better tomorrow. 

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