HDS – Double-damped Plate Type Valve

HDS – Double-damped Plate Type Valve

Price-competitive valve for high pressure applications

Proven HOERBIGER valve technology

The HDS valve is a double-damped plate type valve addressing high pressure standard applications and thus the ideal solution for cost-conscious customers looking for genuine HOERBIGER products.

The proven design of this valve type provides good efficiency at low lifts. The HDS valve has a proven track record of reliability and durability in process gas, natural gas and industrial compressor applications. It is available with either steel valve plate or non-metallic valve plate for lubricated and non-lubricated service.

Thanks to the wide range of materials available, the valve is also suitable for special applications such as Urea production, Oxygen and LNG boil off gas.

With the HDS valve, HOERBIGER offers a price-competitive plate type valve with HOERBIGER quality and performance.

HDS Valve at a glance:
Technical data
Compressor speed:
1200 rpm maximum
Capacity control: 
Lube and non-lube
Maximum pressure:
300 bar
Pressure differential:
100 bar*
Temparature range:
–160° to +300°C*
Valve type diameter: 
92 mm - 254 mm
 *Depending on valve plate material.
Suitable industries

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