Air circuit for Oil free Screw Compressors

Air circuit

for oil free screw compressors

Compressor capacity must be regulated whenever it exceeds current demand. HOERBIGER suction control valves regulate compressor suction volume and close the suction duct during off-loading and shutdown. Airflow is straight through the valve so that flow resistance is very low. 
HOERBIGER A-type check valve in discharge line to stop backflow when compressor is off.

Suction control valve
Short profile

Intake regulation, on/off with direct linked venting.

Disc type control (DK):
Straight through flow valve with butterfly type control disc.

Technical data
Check valve A-type
Short profile

Ensures one way flow for the air

All components corrosion free/protected

Technical data
LPR 8772
DK – Suction control valve
Check valve A-type
Check valve A-type

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