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Enabling change

Clementi Forest

As a long-standing, successful family-owned company and with a foundation as its majority owner, HOERBIGER has a corporate culture that has always included long-term thinking. Sustainable management and future viability are central goals of the Group strategy. This applies not only to the company itself, but especially to solutions that HOERBIGER uses to enable its customers to run their operations in a more environmentally friendly manner.

Since 2021, HOERBIGER has operated a comprehensive program to make its own processes and locations more sustainable. At a time when fundamental changes are affecting many of HOERBIGER’s traditional business areas, however, the Group’s activities offer even greater leverage for sustainability. In light of climate change and the associated increasingly stringent regulations worldwide, the industrial environment has been changing rapidly for several years. As a result, the Group has had to reinvent its activities in many respects.

Fewer emissions for a better tomorrow
In addition to various projects in the field of electromobility and hydrogen as the fuel of the future, HOERBIGER aims to become the leading solutions provider for reducing emissions. A very good example are the Compression Division’s activities in the oil and gas industry. 

According to scientists, methane is responsible for around 25 percent of current global warming. Better sealing of reciprocating compressors and boreholes can prevent methane from escaping. Compression offers innovative solutions that specifically target such fugitive emissions and avoid the negative consequences of gas leaks. In addition, driving large reciprocating compressors requires large amounts of energy, the production of which emits CO2. Compressor control systems and valves from HOERBIGER can significantly increase the efficiency of reciprocating compressors. As a result, they require less drive power, so their operators can reduce energy-related emissions and save costs. 

In this way, the Compression Division helps the oil and gas industry reduce its emissions and comply with stricter environmental standards while improving the overall efficiency of its operations.

Clementi Forest

Clementi Forest
is a lush green island in the middle of Singapore’s urban area. Despite the geographical confinement, the Singapore government has made a point of leaving large areas to nature and wildlife. Over 3,300 hectares of the country are parks or green open spaces. Strict environmental regulations are further measures to improve the health and quality of life of citizens.

A large petrochemical company in Singapore was struggling with the problem that one of its reciprocating compressors was leaking considerable amounts of gas into the atmosphere in an uncontrolled manner, due to its design. This was damaging the environment and posing a risk to staff. Many sealing designs had been tested in the past, all of which failed. Only HOERBIGER was able to find a solution to the problem: Upgrading the entire compressor gas and oil sealing system by integrating an advanced nitrogen purge system, the HOERBIGER Emissions Control Panel (ECP). Nitrogen purging is an effective way to eliminate uncontrolled gas leaks from a compressor, ensuring the safety of the operating crew while protecting the environment.


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