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HOERBIGER's performance-critical products and services enable customers and partners from various industries to improve the performance and safety of their products and operations, save energy, and reduce emissions. This is how HOERBIGER enables change. For a better tomorrow.

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We are an innovative, globally leading technology company with a strategic focus on performance-critical components - the unique selling propositions of our components support the sustainable value creation of our customers.

Enabling change
HOERBIGER Who we are

Our organization

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HOERBIGER Who we are

Our Board of Directors

As the highest decision-making body, the Board of Directors is responsible for the most important shaping tasks in the HOERBIGER Group, in particular for its long-term strategy and its fundamental organizational principles. The Board of Directors decides on the values and principles of the company. It approves the Group's planning and budget and appoints the members of the Executive Board.

Board of Directors
From left to right: Dr. Andreas Hünerwadel, Vice President of the Board of Directors, Dr. Martin Komischke, President of the Board of Directors, Dr. Rudolf Huber, Member of the Board of Directors, Rolf Najork, Member of the Board of Directors, Rainer Schulz, Member of the Board of Directors.

In addition to the values of pioneering spirit, courage, fairness, and closeness, HOERBIGER is characterized by continuity that has grown over decades, combined with a great capacity for transformation and innovation.

Dr. Martin Komischke
President of the Board of Directors
HOERBIGER Who we are

Our Executive Board

The Executive Board is responsible for the management of HOERBIGER Holding AG and the Group. The Executive Board currently consists of four members, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Head of the Rotary, Engine and Safety Business Units, the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), the Head of the Compression Division and the Head of the Automotive Division.

Executive Board
From left to right: Thomas Englmann, Head of Automotive Division, Dr. Christian Habicht, Head of Rotary, Engine and Safety Business Units, Dr. Thorsten Kahlert, Chief Executive Officer, Wolfgang Sautter, Head of Compression Division, Olaf Werwitzke, Chief Financial Officer

The HOERBIGER Group is unique. For over 125 years, we have stood for quality and reliability among our customers. The HOERBIGER Foundation enables us to plan and act for the long term and strengthens our position as market leader.

Dr. Thorsten Kahlert
CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board
HOERBIGER Who we are

Our path to the future

Our goal is long-term, sustainable growth. Today, HOERBIGER is broadly positioned in various industries with a clear intention to take a market-leading role in the respective business areas. We will continue to adhere to this in the future and further develop today's business fields and establish new business fields, both organically and through M&A activities. Many of our traditional businesses are undergoing fundamental change. We are facing up to the challenges in order to actively shape change in the coming years.

Strategy Map
Actively shaping change

In order to successfully shape the change, we will orient ourselves even more consistently to the requirements of our customers and markets. Our values, our rules of conduct, and our striving for sustainability - supported by the HOERBIGER Foundation, which enables us to plan and act for the long term - serve as a solid foundation for this.

In addition, as a Group we create the conditions for change. In doing so, we rely on our four enabling platforms of customer-centric innovation, talent management, digitalization, and operational excellence.


The Enabling Platforms in detail
Customer-centric innovation
Customer-centric innovation

Change and growth can only be achieved if we place a strong focus on the topic of innovation. We would like to significantly strengthen HOERBIGER's innovation capability in the coming years and, in doing so, orient ourselves even more consistently to the requirements of our customers and markets.

Talent Management
Operational Excellence