Cabin and cockpit test station / EOL

Cabin and cockpit test station / EOL

Customized test station for quality control in the automotive industry

Test station for testing and diagnosing cabs or cockpits (dash unit) directly after or during assembly.

All installed electrical and electronic components (switches, fuses, wiring harnesses, control units, etc.) and their wiring are checked. Pneumatic or leak testing as well as high-voltage testing for electric vehicles is also possible.

Highlights and advantages of the system:

  • Flexible, expandable and quickly adaptable to changed test items by means of interchangeable adapters
  • Electric drive
  • The system is simply transported on the conveyor belt with the test specimen or alternatively via a foldable drawbar on the cab carrier
  • Extension and retrofitting of additional measuring channels possible at any time
  • More than 800 channels possible
  • Own compressed air supply via built-in compressor
  • Low costs due to modular design

Power supply
Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) via rechargeable batteries ensures a constant power supply so that the most important functions are maintained and testing of the next test item can be started quickly without loss of time.