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Smart Component Repair

Want to maximize your compressor uptime? 

For compressor field service professionals like Bob, getting down compressors back up and running quickly can be a challenge. And getting important maintenance insights to keep them running longer is an even bigger headache. VISTRA®, the new digital spare parts and performance assistant from HOERBIGER, now offers an easy-to-use, accessible solution that solves these problems and more.

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Gain insights on your compressor performance

Want more insights on your compressor fleet performance? VISTRA®, the new digital spare parts and performance assistant from HOERBIGER, tells you everything you need to know, right at your fingertips.

VISTRA® – Your Smart Component Repair Assistant

What is VISTRA®?

Having trouble quickly finding the right replacement parts for your compressor repairs? Want to manage your maintenance process more efficiently? Would you like more transparency and insights so you can identify bad actor components faster and reduce downtime?

Meet VISTRA®, the new digital spare parts and performance assistant from HOERBIGER. VISTRA® helps you shorten repair times, maximize uptime and save money by tracking down the exact parts when and where you need them, even when you’re on the go!


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How does VISTRA® work?

VISTRA® is a cloud-based system that better manages your compressor and fleet spare parts and maintenance. We help onboard your inventory, connect the system to our repair shops, and train your workforce how to use the easy and intuitive tools VISTRA® offers. The more you use VISTRA®, the smarter it gets about your compressors and any potential bad actor components that can impact your uptime.

What is needed to use VISTRA®?

Simply use a web browser to access the VISTRA® web portal and everything you need to know about a single compressor or your entire fleet. When you’re on the go, the VISTRA® smartphone app helps you see important details wherever you are! VISTRA® is also easy to set up, with no additional installation required within your company’s IT setup.

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Interested in learning more?
Interested in learning more?

With VISTRA®, you can:

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Maximize compressor uptime

With VISTRA’s real-time functionality, you can easily track and trace parts, access extensive maintenance documentation and upgrade history details, and gain full transparency on your component, maintenance and repair status for a single compressor or an entire fleet – everything you need to know right at your fingertips.

Increase quality and lower transaction costs

As a one-stop-shop, we help prevent maintenance delays by covering all of your wear parts needs – for all component types and all compressor makes. This simplifies the parts ordering process and ensures your compressors are back up and running quickly.

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Increase maintenance efficiency

VISTRA®’s intuitive guidance on what types of specific parts to install where helps eliminate maintenance errors and speed up repairs. And the more you use VISTRA®, the smarter it gets about your compressors and any potential bad actor components that can impact your uptime.

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“... a much needed tool for tracking inventory at our facility. Since its implementation, it has been a crucial part of our maintenance program and parts inventory tracking. The mobile app is incredibly easy to use, most of our techs were able to pick it up and immediately hit the ground running with no issue.”

Brian G., Field Supervisor

A single interface to manage your compressor maintenance

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Benefits at a glance

Digital guidance on what component to install where

Based on your compressor configuration, VISTRA® knows the exact location of your components and automatically identifies any parts that won’t fit. Only the correct components that fit into your defined configuration(s) can be prepared for maintenance. This simplifies and speeds up the parts repair process and reduces potential errors.

Digital inventory, parts and performance management

Inventory, component and unit information is instantly available via your mobile phone – easy to access and all in one location. VISTRA® detects over- and understocked spare parts, bad actors and potential performance issues in real time, helping you to make better maintenance decisions more quickly.

An intuitive and user-friendly app

Simply download the app to your mobile phone and experience a new level of compressor maintenance and insights. With valuable, real-time information at your fingertips, installation and replacement of parts becomes very easy with just a few clicks. Working in an offline location? No problem – VISTRA® automatically updates your data as soon as you’re online again.

We cover all parts as a one-stop-shop

VISTRA® makes your repair process quick and easy. Once you’ve finished maintenance tasks within the system, we’re already preparing for your parts repairs before they arrive at our service center. HOERBIGER is able to provide the high-quality components you need, which simplifies the spare parts supplier process and reduces typical wait times for these components.

Your reliable partner for all types of wear parts and compressor makes

With 125 years of experience in compression technology, we are your reliable repair partner for any compressor wear parts regardless of manufacturer.

Real-time, digital track and trace functionality, maintenance documentation and upgrade history

VISTRA® operates in real time, allowing you to track the status of your components, shipments and repairs at any time right from your phone or the web portal. Additionally, the VISTRA® dashboard provides valuable insights on maintenance and upgrade history, inventory status and compressor performance, including the time between repair of your units.

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Maximize uptime, shorten repair times and reduce costs

VISTRA® is a cloud-based system that helps you more proactively manage your compressor spare parts inventory and maintenance processes, and also provides important insights to help identify problem or bad actor components more quickly to reduce your downtime. The SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) app doesn’t need any additional installation within your company’s IT environment. Use a web browser or the VISTRA® app to quickly and easily get smarter about your compressor fleet and replacement parts’ status.

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