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  • HOERBIGER offers 25 different modules for your specific needs
  • Each module lasts 1.5 hours
  • Training modules in online meetings (min. 5 persons)
  • Costs occur per live webinar
  • Deliverables: Theoretical presentation
  • Lectures given in English
  • Standard webinar times:

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Introductory level 
1 Introduction to reciprocating compressors
January 23, 2024

Terms and definitions, applications

Order no. D10715

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2 Working principle of reciprocating compressors
3 Introduction to compressor components 
4 Basics of compressor valves
5 Basics of compressor packings 
6 Compressor piston basics 
7 Basics of cylinder rings 
10 Compressor mechanics 
Advanced level 
8 Basic thermodynamics 
August 21, 2024

Thermodynamic principles, capacity, temperature, brake horse power

Order no. D10722

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9 Applied thermodynamics 
11 Capacity control systems
12 Cylinder lubrication systems
13 nearZero-emissions RECIP's configurations 
14 Compressor monitoring systems and diagnostics 
15 Capital parts 
16 Auxiliary equipment 
Expert level 
17 API 618 and NACE 
November 6, 2024

Compressor data sheet, NACE specification

Order no. D10731

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18 Compressor reliability 
19 Compressor troubleshooting and Root Cause Analysis (RCA) 
20 Compressor valve troubleshooting 
21 Rings and packings troubleshooting 
22 Compressor operation 
23 Compressor valve and packing maintenance 
24 Capital parts maintenance 
25 - Emission 101 (Free of charge)
June 19, 2024

A discussion about the new global challenge

Order no. D10744

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25 - Emission 101 (Free of charge)
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