Knowledge Sessions​

Knowledge Sessions​

Participate on our personal training

  • HOERBIGER offers three different sessions from introductory to expert level and your specific needs
  • Each session takes 2 days with 4 modules per day
  • Training sessions in person (face-to-face min. 4 persons) in our global training locations or in-house at your company-site
  • Cost per session including training material, coffee breaks and lunch, excluding travel and accommodation
  • Deliverables: Theoretical presentation and training material plus attendees certificate
Session 1: Getting to know

Upon completion of this course, you will have the know-how about different types of compressors used in process application and the understanding of the basic theory  of reciprocating compressor design. Further you will understand the rod load calculationas well as the effect of rod load reversal.

Introductory level icon
Session 1: Getting to know* 
Day 1: Recips basics
March 13, 2023 - Vienna
  • Introduction to reciprocating compressors (Module 1)
  • Introduction to compressor components (Module 3)
  • Working principles of reciprocation compressors (Module 2)
  • Compressor mechanics (Module 10)

* Introductory level

Day 2: Compressor components fundamentals
Advanced level icon
Session 2: System knowledge

Upon completion of this course you will be capable to perform basic calculations for capacity, power, temperature etc. and understand performance curves (PV diagram, PT diagram). Further you can identify and describe function of key components of reciprocating compressors and understand how the compressor flow is controlled by different flow control mechanisms. You can distinguish between different types of cylinder and packing lubrication systems. Finally, you will be capable to describe the function and operation of auxiliary equipment like coolers, pulsation dampeners and separators.

Session 2: System knowledge*
Day 1: Auxiliary systems 
June 28, 2023 - Vienna
  • Capacity control systems (Module 11)
  • Cylinder lubrication systems (Module 12)
  • Emission control systems (Module 13)
  • Auxiliary equipment (Module 16)

* Advanced level

Day 2: Recips calculation basics
Session 3: Solving issues

Upon completion of this course you will be capable to understand how to undertake maintenance procedure and to maintain as well as replace performance defining components like valves, packings, pistons and rider rings etc.. You can describe proper equipment operating procedures and evaluate compressor sizing using simulation program and analyze impact of different product  technologies. Further, you are able to identify problems in reciprocating compressors using online/offline monitoring systems and gather relevant and discard non-relevant information. In addition, you can evaluate and analyze the problem symptoms and information to arrive at the root cause of a problem as well as define a proper solutions. Understanding  the key requirements of API 618 and NACE standards and reading of API 618 datasheets are also learning outcomes.

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Session 3: Solving issues* 
Day 1: Compression maintenanceand reliability 
October 19, 2023 - Vienna
  • Compressor reliability (Module 18)
  • Capital parts maintenance (Module 24)
  • Compressor valve and packing maintenance (Module 23)
  • API 618 and NACE (Module 17)

* Expert level

Day 2: Compressor troubleshooting 
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