RN – Steel Plate Valve

RN – Steel Plate Valve

Price-competitive valve for air and industrial applications

Proven HOERBIGER valve technology at competitive price

The RN valve is a highly standardized steel plate valve addressing air and industrial applications with clearly defined operating conditions. Thus, the RN valve is the ideal solution for cost-conscious customers looking for genuine HOERBIGER products.

Whether the compressor is lubricated or non-lubricated, the RN valve with its simple design, is a price-competitive plate valve with HOERBIGER quality and performance. The RN valve is the highly standardized evolution of the R valve, the HOERBIGER classic that has proven its value for decades. But not only that: thanks to the high degree of standardization, the number of different spare parts in the warehouse is reduced and inventory is made easy.

Robust design

With its steel plate, the RN valve is robust and optimally suited to high speeds, temperatures and also wide pressure ranges.

RN Valve at a glance:
Technical data
Compressor speed:
2000 rpm maximum
Capacity control: 
Lube and non-lube
Maximum pressure:
30 to 415 bar*
Temparature range:
–40° to +300°C
Valve type diameter: 
19 mm - 214 mm
 *Depending on valve type diameter.
Suitable industries
Suitable applications

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