CT - Non-metallic Plate Valve for natural gas and compressor in the background

CT – Non-metallic Plate Valve for natural gas

Reliable performance for over 25 years

The HOERBIGER CT valve is suitable for virtually all applications that employ short-stroke, high-speed gas compressors. Millions of CT valves are operating successfully in the natural gas processing industry. 

Its plate type valve design is optimised to utilize the properties of non-metallic valve plates and has proven its performance for years. The single moving sealing element of the CT valve allows easy maintenance (field repairable).


  • The CT valve proves operational excellence even in heavy duty upstream natural gas applications.
  • Plate design and spring arrangement result in unique and smooth valve motion even in high-speed, lubricated service.
  • Properly selected valve materials ensure safe operation even in sour environment.

This is how the CT valve works

  • The plastic valve plate, in conjunction with a wafer spring, dampens the opening impact.
  • At high rotational speeds, the wafer spring prevents oil sticktion of the valve plate.
  • Closing springs on the outside guarantee largely wobble-free valve plate movement and consequently long valve service life.
CT Valve at a glance:
  • Excellent flow efficiency for low power consumption
  • Long life even in difficult and contaminated conditions
  • Best suited for changing operating conditions
  • Proven in lubricated and non-lubricated operation
  • Resistant to gas impurities and oil sticktion
  • High operating temperatures
technical data
CT valve advantages

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