CE - Profiled Ring Valve

CE – Profiled Ring Valve

For your process gas applications

Quality proven in thousands of applications

The CE valve has been HOERBIGER’s most popular ring valve for years. Positive experiences from a wide variety of uses attest to the performance of the CE valve in a broad field of applications. Thanks to its outstanding efficiency, the valve is suitable not only for hydrogen but also for heavy gases such as CO2, carbon monoxide and ethylene.

The HOERBIGER CE valve is optimally suited for applications in the chemical and process industries, in refineries, and in the energy sector. Successful experience from a large number of field installations proves the performance of the CE valve in a wide range of applications. The valve offers reliability and efficiency even under difficult conditions.

The long service life and high reliability of CE valves are the result of profiled ring / tapered seat arrangement, impact-resistant valve rings, unique anti-stiction design and the high performance spring technology. This extends maintenance intervals, reduces the risk of premature wear and the associated downtime, and lowers energy consumption.

CE valve at a glance:
  • High reliability
  • High efficiency and long service life
  • Low energy consumption
  • Safe sealing in wide temperature and pressure range
  • Broad application field and high degree of standardization help improve inventory management
Technical data

CE valves ensure highest reliability

The CE valve is highly durable, robust and efficient and provides a proven industry solution that covers a wide range of applications.

CE valve advantages

Benefits at a glance

Long life and high compressor uptime
  • Profiled ring design
  • High number of flow channels
  • Spring savers prevent coil to guard contact
  • Carbon fibre reinforced PEEK rings
Superior reliability
  • Aerodynamic flow path
  • Fully guided rings
  • 8 and 10mm heavy duty rings
  • Anti-stiction design: Convex profiled guard and tapered seat
  • Heavy duty springs made of ESR steel (Electro slag remelting)
Reduce OPEX
  • Heavy duty springs made of ESR steel (Electro slag remelting)
  • The most efficient ring valve. Tribological optimization.

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