HCP 500 – Hydrogen Compressor Package

HCP 500 – Hydrogen Compressor Package

High-flow compression and flow management solutions for hydrogen compression

Hydrogen is a key element in the green energy transition. Together with our partners, we are on a mission to deliver the most cost-efficient hydrogen compression package available. To allow wide use of hydrogen for mobility and trailer filling, equipment must evolve from small demonstration projects into industrialized and efficient solutions, enabling you to meet your total cost of ownership expectations. Reciprocating compressors play a key role in reaching this goal. At Ariel and HOERBIGER, we have the technology to enable the most economic and reliable package for high pressure hydrogen compression.

H2 Trailer Filling
Trailer filling

Transport and storage of hydrogen will be a central issue of the future hydrogen economy. In addition to the type of production, transport and storage, there is a need for efficient compression solutions along the entire hydrogen value chain. Our Hydrogen Compressor Package is tailored to enable our customers efficient transportation and storage solutions for hydrogen applications.

Hydrogen mobility
Hydrogen mobility

Hydrogen mobility will play an important role in the energy transition of heavy duty vehicles such as trucks and busses. Together with Ariel, we provide a cost-efficient Hydrogen Compressor Package that is purposely designed to meet technical requirements of applications in hydrogen fueling station applications.

Hydrogen Compressor Package solution enabling the fueling station of tomorrow

  • Vertical reciprocating compressor from Ariel Compression from 25 bar suction to 500 bar discharge at 250 kg/h
  • 0 to 100 % technical mass flow regulation, and 30 to 100% energy efficient mass flow regulation, enabled by eHydroCOM, HOERBIGER's Electric Stepless Capacity Control
  • Growing system: the flexible package grows with your needs and can handle economically feasible electrolyzer capacities between 4MW and 15MW
  • Highly standardized turnkey solution, supported by HOERBIGER's global service organization

Benefits at a glance


The HOERBIGER Hydrogen Compressor Package is designed towards maximum flexibility and high degree of standardization.
In combination with HOERBIGER’s Stepless Capacity Control eHydroCOM, we enable our customers to compress Hydrogen from various kind of inlet sources to a wide range of Hydrogen applications.

Flexible Hydrogen application options
Flexible Hydrogen application options
Unbeaten TCO Hydrogen Compressor

Unbeaten TCO

Best catch in the market: best answer to the tough cost targets for H2.

  • Ariel – reliable innovation and industry leading support
  • Package standardization
  • Optimized for
    - CAPEX
    - OPEX

Growing System

Grows with the demand: eHydroCOM enables large operation range 0 to 100 % technical mass flow regulation, and 30 to 100% energy efficient mass flow regulation

You can run initially low station need with same equipment as in full load.

eHydroCOM for Emission reduction
Reliability of Hydrogen Compression


Reliability and availability are a key success factor for an efficient Hydrogen Compressor Package.
To respond to market requirements the product readiness is supported by a Hydrogen Test Bench at HOERBIGER and Ariel. This allows us to continuously improve our performance indicators like the MTBM and availability of our Hydrogen Compressor Package.

Hydrogen Research Center
HCP 500 – Hydrogen Compressor Package at a glance:
Technical data
Suction Pressure – Compressor:
25 bar
Discharge Pressure:
500 bar
Mass Flow:
>250 kg/h
Mass Flow Regulation (energy efficient):
30 … 100 %
Mass Flow Regulation (technically):
0 … 100 %
Space Requirements:
~72 m2
Is the compressor oil-free (i.e., non-lube)?

Yes, the compressor is oil-free. We guarantee that the wear of our sealing elements doesn’t degrade the quality of H2.

What is the footprint of the Hydrogen Compressor Package?
What is the suction pressure and discharge pressure for the Hydrogen Compressor Package?
What is the mass flow of the Hydrogen Compressor Package?
How quickly does the compressor respond to load changes?
What design guidelines and engineering standards have been followed?
What safety and reliability standards have been followed?
Do you provide maintenance service of the Hydrogen Compressor Package?

Components used for the Hydrogen Compressor Package

HCP 500 — Hydrogen Compressor Package
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