Cell cap & cell can for prismatic battery cells

HOERBIGER supports the development of cutting-edge, high-performance vehicle batteries and energy storage solutions with innovative and performance-defining battery components.

Smart cap and can solutions

HOERBIGER offers cell caps and cell cans for a wide range of applications and all common (prismatic) cell formats. Our portfolio includes cell caps for top-terminal applications and classic deep-drawn cell cans as well as cell caps and cell cans for side-terminal applications. The vent can be located either in the cell cap or in the cell can and is designed in-house by our experts to meet your requirements. 

We provide you with a "one-stop solution": We manufacture cell housings and cell covers and therefore assume responsibility for the interface between the two components. We manufacture all functionally relevant components in our factories and support you with the design and validation based on our experience from various projects. Every part of our battery components is developed and validated with a clear focus on safety, durability, sustainability and efficiency. This is how we meet the challenges of modern vehicle batteries and energy storage solutions.

Our products are customized solutions for customers from various fields of application and meet their specific requirements.

can & cap solutions
Cap and can solutions by HOERBIGER
Why battery components from HOERBIGER?

HOERBIGER  is not only a manufacturer, we are a development and validation partner. We pursue a consistent "design-to-manufacturing strategy" already in the early development phase.

Application-specific solutions
Mass manufacturer
Focus on quality
Environmentally friendly
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