Piezo proportional valves

Piezo proportional valves

The basic component for many medical technology applications

  • Extremely low, electrical power consumption (no self-heating)
  • Control from 0 bar (vacuum version available)
  • High pressure control stability

The piezo-controlled proportional valves of the Tecno series are 3-way pressure valves and have an integrated electronic pressure control as well as a pressure sensor at the output. This allows a pneumatic output pressure to be controlled as a function of an electrical control signal (setpoint). The pressure sensor measures the current output pressure, while the electronics regulate it with high accuracy and dynamics – at low power consumption. This enables process-dependent pressure adjustment via a plant control system.

HOERBIGER manufactures the Tecno valves automatically on precision equipment in a clean room environment. Only high-quality materials are used. One hundred percent initial testing and careful calibration of all components as well as the traceability of all manufacturing and testing processes provide the user with security.

The product portfolio comprises three variants.

Advantages of Tecno valves

  • Dynamic and precise control
  • Customized pressure control ranges possible
  • Extremely low electric power consumption
  • Free of self-heating and waste heat
  • Reliable base component for a wide range of medical technology applications
  • Control starting at 0 bar (vacuum version available)
  • Very high pressure control stability
  • Virtually infinite resolution
  • Battery operation possible
  • Lightweight and compact design of the control valve
Tecno easy
Short profile

Tecno easy is the entry-level variant of HOERBIGER's product portfolio of piezo-controlled proportional valves. It is a best-cost model with limited performance characteristics.

Technical data
Tecno basic
Short profile

The Tecno basic variant satisfies a higher level of performance expectations.

Technical data
Tecno plus
Short profile

The Tecno plus 3-way proportional valve is the most powerful variant of HOERBIGER's piezo-controlled proportional valves. Its pressure control range of up to 10 bar and flow capacity of as much as 1,600 l/min make it an exceptional product.

Technical data
Tecno – Proportional pressure regulator

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