Our culture

Team Changzhou

To implement our strategy, we also need to work on our culture. After all, people and success are inextricably linked. Every Division and Business Unit at HOERBIGER is characterized by people who are ambitious and entrepreneurial. Together, they single-mindedly pursue the strategy of the HOERBIGER Group and contribute significantly to its success. A common understanding of values, expectations and desired behavior is a central prerequisite for responsible action.

Our values

The HOERBIGER values are part of our DNA: historically grown and yet more relevant than ever. Their unmistakable combination gives the HOERBIGER Group a unique profile. Pioneering Spirit means overcoming one’s own limits and tackling new things without already knowing the solution. Courage means taking carefully weighed risks, assuming responsibility and seeing work through to the end, even in difficult situations. All this with Fairness towards colleagues, customers, suppliers, and all other business partners. Closeness stands for our global presence and familiarity with all cultures as well as understanding our customers and their needs. 

These values give us orientation, guide and connect us so that we do not lose sight of our true goals, even in challenging situations. Our values define us.


Our behavioral pillars

The larger a group, the more important it is to have a shared conviction and uniform standards by which we can measure right and wrong. What are we guided by when we make decisions? And how do we judge the behavior of others? We have our behavioral pillars for this. They are cultural drivers that determine our daily work and how we interact with each other.

HOERBIGER behavioral pillars

Integrity means communicating honestly and openly, acting authentically and transparently and always complying with laws, rules, and regulations. Respect means being constructive, valuing different opinions and never seeing people as a means to an end. Team Spirit means developing a shared vision together, involving affected colleagues, giving and accepting open feedback, and setting aside personal interests in favor of the overall success. Ownership means taking full responsibility for a task or project, solving problems, thinking and acting consistently in the interests of the HOERBIGER Group, and reducing risks by preparing alternative scenarios.