Hoerbiger News_February 28th, 2019

Youth research 2019

"Once again, I am impressed - by the many ideas, by the creativity, and by the verve that you, dear participants, have shown in the competition," said Dr. Ansgar Damm, Head of Research & Development at HOERBIGER Antriebstechnik Holding GmbH, at the award ceremony in the Schlossberghalle Peiting. In order to come up with such ideas, he said, you have to look at the world with open eyes and identify its challenges, contradictions, and shortcomings. "This basic attitude is reflected in the motto of this year's competition," Dr. Damm emphasized: "Don't ask me - ask yourself!"

Five winning projects in the "Jugend forscht" competition section

Five projects and six young scientists qualified to take part in the Bavarian state competition in the "Jugend forscht" category. The projects are in the fields of work, biology, mathematics / computer science and technology:

The two 16-year-olds, Lukas Straub and Samuel Fäßler, who both attend the Gymnasium Lindenberg, convinced the jury with their motorized as well as winter and off-road wheelchair substitute. They were awarded first place for their project in the subject area of the world of work.

Simon Steinhilber from Sonthofen High School also took first place in the world of work category. The 16-year-old developed an improved valve protection for diving cylinders. He wants to use it to help divers during cold-water dives.

André Stapelfeldt (16) from Penzberg was successful in the biology category. The student of the Max-Rill-Gymnasium Reichersbeuern had analyzed the reproduction of planaria. For his web application "AGM-Tools - a platform for collaboration among students", 15-year-old Hannes Rüger, who attends the Allgäu-Gymnasium in Kempten, received first prize in the subject area Mathematics / Computer Science.

Lukas Döllerer had determined the water content of various bulk materials in his project. For this purpose, the 17-year-old student from the Max Born Gymnasium in Germering used a capacitive measuring probe. His measurements and calculations earned him first prize in the technology category.

Four Sierger works in the "Schüler experimentieren" competition section

In the "Schüler experimentieren" category, seven participants won first place with a total of four projects from the subject areas of the world of work, earth and space sciences, physics and technology and are thus eligible for the Bavarian state competition.

Lea Jordan (14) and Emma Hermann (15) won first prize in the field of working life. The two students from the Max Born High School in Germering had investigated how effective earplugs are at different pitches and volumes.

Korbinian Helm and Maximilian Jeschke (both 15) from Garmisch-Partenkirchen won first prize in the field of earth and space sciences. The two high school students conducted a study regarding air quality and the factors that influence it.

The two students from Welfengymnasium Schongau, Leon Braunegger (11) and Emma Heck (12) looked into the question of why jam sandwiches always land on the jam side when they fall off the table. For their results, they achieved victory in the physics subject area.

Ilja Dretser was rewarded with a victory in the subject area of technology. The 14-year-old student from the Max Born High School in Germering built a simple binary adder and won over the jury

All winners of the regional competitions will compete in the Bavarian state competitions. These will take place from April 1 to 3 in Vilsbiburg ("Jugend forscht") and from April 11 to 12 in Dingolfing ("Schüler experimentieren"). The final event will be the national finals in Chemnitz. There, the young researchers will present their competition projects to the jury, the media and the public for four days starting on May 16, 2019. The highlight of the event is the award ceremony on May 19.

"HOERBIGER has been a sponsor for 'Jugend forscht' and 'Schüler experimentieren' in the foothills of the Alps for 15 years. In this way, the company is making an important contribution to promoting Germany as an educational location overall," says Dr. Stefan Felber, head of the regional competitions in the foothills of the Alps.

Dr. Ansgar Damm adds: "Germany thrives on a high level of education, a high industrial and social standard and the creativity of its inhabitants. If we want to keep up with the currently prevailing global competition in the long term, we must promote our young talent early and intensively." HOERBIGER has recognized this. For this reason, the company has been regularly organizing the Voralpenland regional competition of 'Jugend forscht' and 'Schüler experimentieren' since 2005.