February 01st, 2017

HOERBIGER starts 2017 with a new line-up

Board of Directors appoints Udo Bauer to the Executive Board of HOERBIGER Holding AG

HOERBIGER is starting 2017 with a new structure that is even more strongly oriented towards market proximity and customer benefit: The former Compression Technology Division will be split retroactively as of January 1, 2017: The Compressor OEM and Compressor Service business units will form the new Compression Technology division headed by Udo Bauer. The Engine and Safety Business Fields, from which HOERBIGER expects strong growth impulses, will become independent Business Fields with a direct reporting line to CEO Dr. Jürgen Zeschky.

Udo Bauer (47), who has been with HOERBIGER since March 2016, will represent the Compression Technology Division as Corporate Division Manager on HOERBIGER's Executive Board. With his many years of experience gained in all functional areas and most recently as a member of the extended Executive Board, President / CEO Asia Pacific in the Schaeffler Group, he has worked intensively alongside Dr. Jürgen Zeschky on the KT2020 project launched in July 2016. The focus of this comprehensive reform of all business activities in Compression Technology is on the requirements of the international markets and, in particular, the customer benefits of components and services for the oil, gas, and process industry.

Engine business unit

The now independent Business Unit Engine, which expects sustainable growth impulses in the coming years after a difficult order situation due to the economic situation, will be headed by Hannes Hunschofsky (55).

Hannes Hunschofsky has played a decisive role in shaping the development of HOERBIGER since 1999 as Chief Operations Officer (COO) and later as President of HOERBIGER Corporation of America, and since 2012 as COO and Head of the Production Division in the Strategic Business Unit Compression Technology. In addition, he brings his expertise as a mechanical engineer and business economist as well as his professional experience in the OEM business at GE Jenbacher and in the service business of August Storm GmbH & Co KG to his new role.

Safety business unit

As of April 1, 2017, Dr. Thorsten Kahlert (39) will take over as Head of the Safety Business Unit from Hannes Hunschofsky, who is currently performing this role on an interim basis. After studying economics at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland, at the HEC in Paris, France, and at the University of Minnesota, USA, Dr. Thorsten Kahlert joined the Boston Consulting Group, for which he worked for a total of 13 years in various positions and countries - most recently as Partner and Managing Director in Munich, Germany. As a strategy expert, he advised HOERBIGER for several years and was decisively involved in the development of the Safety business in this context.

With the acquisitions of the brands IEP Technologies, Newson Gale, and BRILEX, which were already made in 2015 and 2016 with the involvement of Dr. Thorsten Kahlert, HOERBIGER was able to position itself very well in the safety technology sector. The task now is to expand this market position and at the same time win new markets and customers. Safety technology continues to be a strategic growth market for HOERBIGER with great potential for the future.